Slaying the ‘Kiddie-Fiddling’ Dragons

(Posted earlier today on Prof. Michael Mann’s Facebook page.)

I think everyone who is interested in learning more about John O’Sullivan and his global warming-denying band of “highly qualified luminaries” known as the “Sky Dragon Slayers,” should see the official Missouri State Highway Patrol file on O’Sullivan’s co-author and partner Oliver Manuel:

Prof. Manuel was convicted of attempting to sodomize his 11-year-old daughter and was charged with raping and sodomizing three other children, but those charges had to be dropped due to Missouri’s statute of limitations.

Unlike O’Sullivan, fellow luminary Oliver Manuel is now required by law to register as a sexual offender.

But like his fellow Sky Dragon Slayer, Mr. O’Sullivan’s reputation and career was torpedoed by sexual abuse charges involving a minor. If you have the stomach for it, read the London Mirror news report on his trial for allegedly sending dozens of obscene text messages and offering money for sex to a 16-y-old school girl:

And for those with a cast iron stomach and nerves of steel, read Mr. O’Sullivan’s defense of what he calls “kiddie fiddling” in his autobiographical novel “Vanilla Girl,” which he described as “a fact-based crime story of a teacher’s struggle to control his erotic obsession with a schoolgirl”:

With his passages like these:

“I tell my online friends that the age of consent varies widely from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. The median seems to range from fourteen to sixteen years, but globally ages can range anything from nine to twenty-one. It sickens me that people, so-called civilized, intelligent people can’t see it. Their clinical, sanitized attitudes toward the appropriate age of consent have drifted upwards in modern times-Ignorant people rally against me-against us-us free thinkers.”

“By looking at the female waist to hip ratio, you know when a female is of the right age for reproduction. At that time, and if the mind is mature enough you can argue that you are dealing with a woman and not a child. If nature says she a woman then she is a woman-it’s not arbitrary like the age of consent laws that vary so wildly throughout the world from country to country, jurisdiction to jurisdiction.”

“Too many fools still believe and need to believe that children are ‘innocent’ and ‘pure’, that is, asexual, untainted by sexual thoughts, feelings or urges. But, you see, Leo, you and me know this is not true even of very young children, and it is certainly not true of children much past the age of ten or eleven.”


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