Help! I’m Being Stalked By a Troll Named Mark Thompson!

I am being stalked by a troll named Mark Thompson, who claims to be a marketing and advertising consultant and owner of “Thompson Consultancy” in Gansevoort, NY.  I could find virtually no evidence such a consultancy actually exists.

At this point, I suspect his only client may be the bogus lawyer who heads a radical group of global warming deniers called the “Sky Dragon Slayers.” If he’s not being compensated for his time, he’s a fool.  I just checked my web site stat counter and saw in the past 3 weeks he has visited my home page and resume a total of 27 times. I haven’t  a clue how many times he has visited other web pages on my site, but I’m sure he’s kept himself quite busy, looking for anything at all he can pounce on.

Several months ago, Mr. Thompson began to follow the comments I posted on LinkedIn science writing group and began baiting me with comments that drew some mild insults from me.  He used those comments to get me banned from Linkedin’s Science Writers Group and tried to do the same with at least one of the other LinkedIn groups I participate in, but wound up getting a warning from that moderator to cease his harassment or else.

So Mr. Thompson took his attacks onto other websites, including Desmogblog, where the editor Brendan DeMelle recently published articles on Desmogblog and Huffington Post reporting some of the results of my investigation of John O’Sullivan, the phoney lawyer who leads the Sky Dragon Slayers.

Mr. Thompson has joined O’Sullivan in publishing defamatory attacks on his global warming denier sites as well as on Desmogblog.

This past week, I finally took some time  to see who this “marketing consultant” actually is. I quickly found out and it is not pretty. I privately told Mr. Thompson what I had uncovered and that I would prefer not to make it public, if only he ended his stalking and harassment campaign. Unfortunately, he responded with additional attacks.

So here — in Mr.Thompson’s own words — are two letters he wrote and published that should help explain why this unemployed marketing and advertising consultant has so much time on his hands to stalk me across the Internet for months on end.

[Originally posted on July 10 and 13 on: and

Mr. Thompson describes in his letters how he wrecked his career, wound up bankrupt, and is now spending his days “sitting at home alone” in his “soon-to-be foreclosed” house finding “excitement” cyberstalking me, while seeking cybercompanionship on a Thai bar girl web site.

He complains how instead of “spending every waking hour searching for a new job,” he’s spending days on end trolling the Internet harassing me and “ogling the various ‘Bangkok Nightlife’ treats available on YouTube.”

“My only real excitement nowadays,” he says, aside from cyber-romancing Filipino and Bangkok beauties, comes from his cyber war with a “US-based troll” — an obvious reference to me.

“Maybe I’m just trying to justify my own pitiful existence,” he explained. “I need excitement even it involves a risk (and I haven’t got that much to lose, so it’s probably less of a risk to me).”

He’s probably right, for why else would he expose himself to such public ridicule.

“It’s about adventure….and I crave it…however bad an ending it may inevitably have.”

Mr. Thompson should be careful with what he craves, because he may get it. He should stop stalking me, put the Bangkok and Filipino beauties on hold, get out of his “soon-to-be foreclosed 3000 sq. ft home,” and go FIND A JOB, before he winds up on the wrong side of a libel suit he can ill afford.

P.S.  And really?  Joining John O’Sullivan to attack me?  For a clue what kind of person Mr. Thompson has thrown in his lot, here’s a news article about what ended the Sky Dragon Slayer leader’s high school teaching career, which I received last night after months of searching.


4 thoughts on “Help! I’m Being Stalked By a Troll Named Mark Thompson!

  1. I’ve had less than pleasant exchanges with Mark G myself but don’t think that I’ll be bothering trying to reason with him any more. It’s like trying to reason with a drunk.

    For more on the “Slayers”/Principia Scientific International and its members, including “Chairman” Tim Ball, “CEO & Legal Consultant” John o’Sullivan, “CFO” Johannes Cornelis Schreuder, “Compliance Officer” Philip Foster and other members go to the Global Political Shenanigans blog ( May June and July posts.

    Best regards, Pete Ridley

  2. He certainly behaves like a belligerent drunk. In his letters to the Thai Bar Girl web site, he confessed to having suffered from a major drinking problem. I’m not sure if he’s still drinking or not, but his endless rambling tirades certainly suggest he’s acting under the influence of alcohol.

    For example, here’s the latest tirade he’s spammed on multiple sites, including a discussion I started on LinkedIn’s Science Writers in New York Group, which he is flooding with repetitive and rambling rants:

    Mark Thompson • What a sad reflection on the decline of a once-promising journalist. A journalist whose career has now ‘crashed’ (his own words), now finds it necessary to cyberstalk personal lives, rather than address legitimate questions raised about his own publicly-promoted credentials (see above).

    Accusing others of harassment and stalking is as hypocritical as ever, evidenced by the above. If this isn’t an example of unprofessional behavior, cyberstalking and ‘ad hominem’ attacks, I don’t know what is.

    Your credentials were questioned Mr. Skolnick…totally legitimate as you chose to publicly attack the credentials of Mr. O’Sullivan in a court of law…your mud-slinging towards me and evasion of questions asked merely highlights your own unprofessionalism, character flaws and inability to answer questions asked (hence a rewriting of your bio). Are you so insecure or scared of constructive debate that you cannot defend (or acknowledge) the puffery of your own credentials, with such juvenile and irreverent smear attempts? Ask yourself, have you ever acknowledged making an error in your life?…I certainly can’t see it in your endless rants against anyone who has the audacity to disagree with you…non-sequitar and evasive personal insults seem to be the norm.

    To quote an excerpt your private email to me:

    “Do you really want me to publish this, Mr. Thompson?

    Publishing these links to your writings on should help people understand why you have nothing better to do than spend months stalking me and post endless nonsense about St. Louis Post-Dispatch’s Pulitzer Prize nomination of our series on correctional health care, and all your other “have-you-stopped-beating-your-wife” accusations.

    Sober up and give serious thought as to whether you really want this published. You can’t unring a bell — and bells rung on the Internet can be heard around the world for a long time to come.”

    Is this what professional ‘seasoned journalists’ do? Make threats bordering on blackmail?

    If you can’t accept that your own credentials (not your personal life) become relevant when you make sworn court affidavits challenging the credentials of another, then I really think you need to do some more research on the legal system in Canada.

    Though I suspect slinging out personal insults and cyberstalking are what occupies your days nowadays. It’s presumably why you have been banned from at least one LinkedIn group and other blogs.

    A sad reflection upon a once-promising career. No offense, but this kind of journalism will never get you a Pulitzer Prize, just a libel suit….it just smacks of desperation, insecurity, egocentricity and an inability to construct a coherent counter-argument.

    P.S. So sad you could never respond to a very simple question regarding your ‘disingeneous’ claim to have been nominated for a Pulitzer Prize. Even the likes of Jonah Goldberg have acknowledged their puffery…though clearly Jonah has bigger balls than you.

    P.P.S. I ‘m getting a little tired of feeding odious, old trolls. But it’s amusing to see how persistent you are in evading legitimate questions and just throwing out more irrelevant mud.

    P.P.P.S. Further evidence of your cowardice is provided by your allegations towards Pete Ridley…about a year ago, you alleged he was a cyberstalker, anti-Semitic and neo-Nazi supporter. Now apparently, he’s a happily married man but not an internet dater (like me, and around 40% of single Americans). I don’t know your sexual orientation, but I’d rather be an internet dater than an alleged cyberstalker, anti-Semitic and neo-Nazi supporter. But perhaps you feel differently? Unless the slurs against Ridley were malicious and unfounded slurs?

    Tirade #15

  3. Just a followup for your information, Mark is a former neighbor of mine and his house has in fact been foreclosed on, not sure where him and his wife ended up.

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