Senility and the Republican Party

When you live in an alternate universe — where you are allowed to (as a member of George W. Bush’s administration famously put it) “make our reality”–  it is easy to take the bitter lessons learned from the national elections early this month and go sailing right off the edge of the earth.  If there’s one thing now abundantly clear, is that you can’t teach a Republican new tricks no matter what it says on his birth certificate.

I give you the faces of all 19 new House Committee Chairmen picked by the Republicans.  Don’t bother looking for anyone without testicles, a Baptism certificate, or ancestors who sailed here from Western Europe.

So much for all their post-election comments about how they’ve learned valuable lessons about the need to reach out and broaden their appeal to women and minorities.  Ladies and gentlemen, I present the new mascot of the modern Republican Party:

Wishing you a happy holiday and new year,
Bubble Popping Pete